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Let's face it, gift baskets are kind of lame. When they arrive in a big basket with big a shinny bow, we may be impressed at first...but as we dig through the cellophane and filler it is hard to find value.

 The whole point behind sending a corporate gift basket is to show appreciation for the important people that make our businesses great. What does it say when we send something wasteful? How does this show value for our business relationships?

Saul Good Gift Co was created with this top of mind. Our innovative gift boxes are filled with delicious easy to share artisan goodies that make people smile from ear-to-ear. The gift box itself features modern map art of Vancouver, is made from 100% recycled paper and it won the 2011 Canopy Ancient Forest Friendly™ award. The shredded paper we use creates jobs for Downtown Eastside Vancouver residents while reducing waste for neighbours in our community.