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Community Impact

Non-material gift ideas toronto

Non Material Gift Ideas in Toronto

We recently updated our list of non-material gift ideas that make a difference in BC. We thought it was high time we gave our friends in the Eastern Time Zone some options for meaningful gift experiences that don’t necessarily come in a box! Browse our list of 9 non-material gift ideas in Toronto.

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An ordinary warehouse improving local business & local economy

Starworks Packaging and Assembly is an innovative social enterprise that was started by the Developmental Disabilities Association 15 years ago. Starworks provides accessible jobs for adults with barriers to employment and scalable business solutions that help local companies to grow. This self-sustaining enterprise thrives, because they do great work. Learn more about our assembly partner in Vancouver and the work they do.

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Non-Material Gift Ideas that Make a Big Difference (in BC)

A great gift is like a great conversation between the sender and receiver. If sending a gift is like starting a conversation, what do you want your gift to say? Or better yet, what kind of story do you want your gift to tell? Curious about how to tell a unique story with gifts? We’ve put together a list of non material gift ideas that make a big difference in BC.

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