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Our Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Making Mom Smile

We know it’s hard to select the perfect gift for the mom who does it all. To help, we’ve put together a list of our top mother’s day gift baskets for moms, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, aunts - really, anybody who deserves to feel special on this day.

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The Top 11 Hand-made Easter Treats in Canada

It's officially Spring, and top chocolate artisans across the country have "sprung" into action - testing their creativity and crafting Easter treats that truly stand out from the crowd. We've scoured the nation for the the country's most imaginative Easter treats and are pleased to present our top picks. Feast your eyes on the top 11 hand made Easter treats in Canada.

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To BC Or Bust: the Story of ChocolaTas

Their family thought they were insane. Moving to Canada and starting a chocolate business? Abandoning their careers and uprooting their family for something completely unknown? 20 years later, Veve and Wim Tas, owners of ChocolaTas, wouldn't change a thing. Read the full story here.

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Celebrating our Award-Winning Chocolate Artisans

Last month, at the International Chocolate Awards Canada in Toronto, a number of artisans we partner with came home with multiple awards in gold, silver, and bronze for the incredible work they do. Today, we’re celebrating our decorated artisans who continue to make our gifts great.

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Chez Christophe Serves up Swiss Nostalgia in Burnaby Heights

Many of us have memories of foods from our childhoods, hometowns or home countries that make us fondly remember times and places past. For pastry chef and chocolatier, Christophe Bonzon, this nostalgia inspired him to transport the pastry cafes of his Swiss hometown to his new home in Burnaby Heights. We recently sat down with Christophe to chat about how his passion for pastry has blossomed into a thriving community hub.

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How a Management Consultant Started a Health-Food Company.

Naked Snacks founder Neil Thomson tells us how he went from potato chip enthusiast to running a national health food company (with delicious results). Read the full story here.

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What is a Corporate Gift Program?

Gift baskets are a perfect thank you for family and friends, but did you know we also do corporate gift programs? What is a corporate gift program, you might ask? We've got the answer to this frequently asked question.

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Legendary Baked Goods by Mom-and-Popreneur Team: Kitchening & Co.

What do you get when an elementary school teacher and a computer programmer start their own bakery? A dynamite mom-and-popreneur team creating a lineup of macarons, cookies and marshmallows in innovative flavour combinations - all while raising two children.

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How to Write the Perfect Greeting Card Message

Cards are one of the last things people think about when sending a gift - but it doesn’t have to be. To help you master the art of the greeting card message, we’ve got 3 tips for creating a heartfelt note for any occasion.

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Mixed, Melted, and Poured in Fraser Valley, BC

Fraser Valley Gourmet knows that food is a powerful force that brings people together. We recently spoke with them to learn a little more about the team, as well as the joys and challenges of making candy for a living.

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