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In BC, we are blessed with an incredible selection of lovingly handmade jams. From the Gulf Islands to the Rocky Mountains, there are numerous jam masters cooking up potent preserves with juicy local fruits. In addition to the fresh ingredients, there are jam recipes in BC that can be traced back through multiple generations. Handmade local food tells us stories about our diverse local culture. When we share these foods together, we build community.

Photo Credit: Photography By Leah

 Photo Credit: Photography By Leah

Our team at Saul Good Gift Co. had recently been searching for a jam to go into our gourmet gift baskets. This process has been extremely difficult. There are simply too many amazing options! In order to find the right jam, we asked local artisans to submit their jam for a contest. After selecting four finalists that we adore, we asked folks from our community to help us decide. We gathered at the Capilano Tea House in Vancouver BC. Attendees sampled jams on bannock and sipped handcrafted tea.


Photo Credit: Photography By Leah

 Photo Credit: Photography By Leah


This jam tasting event was attended by a variety of folks from our community. There were bankers, lawyers, financial planners, real estate developers, property managers, web developers, food bloggers, chefs, nutritionists, coffee roasters, local business enthusiasts...and a toddler. It was a great mix of people who offered a diverse range of input to help us decide.

Saul Good BC Jam Contest Finalists

East Van Jam 


East Van jams are a work of art. The jars are adorned with a variety of fun characters and the product quality is superb. Natalie captures the experience of fresh local BC fruit that is gathered seasonally. She keeps the sugar low so that you can enjoy wholesome goodness while keeping your blood sugar levels on an even keel. Indulge deeper into the narrative here: East Van Jam  You can also salivate over fresh Instagram photos: @eastvanjam

SaltSpring Kitchen Co. 


The anchor on the jar of Saltspring Kitchen Co. jam is an appropriate symbol. Melanie is an anchor for the perpetual momentum of island artisan excellence. She is a pro with her products and she paints your palette with both sweet and savory ingredients. These jams are fun to combine with other gourmet foods. Check out the Pairing Guide here: SaltSpring Kitchen Co.  and follow the island vibes on Instagram: @saltspringkitchenco




The kitskitchen's  claim to fame is their nourishing local soups. They are rooted in a mission to make lifestyles healthier and easier. In their soups and jams, they allow the organic ingredients to speak for themselves. The goodness of their products seems to soak into your cells and make them smile. You can learn more about their offerings: kitskitchen and follow them on Instagram:  @kitskitchen 

Le Meadow's Pantry 


At an early age, Geneviève fell in love with harvesting and foraging. Her jam style is influenced by her lineage and her travels in Europe. Le Meadow's Pantry cooks classic jam using a traditional copper pot method. Learn more about Geneviève's creations: Le Meadow's Pantry and follow her on Instagram: @lemeadowspantry 

We are excited to find opportunities to include these jams in customized corporate gift programs. For our year-round gourmet gifts, we have selected Le Meadow's Pantry Blueberry Honey Jam. Based on the feedback we received, it is ideal for a wide audience. 


About the photographer

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Leah Villalobos Bartok is a mother, hiker and lifestyle photojournalist. She has a unique ability to document stories and capture personalities. You can view more of her work on Instagram: @photogbyleahv and browse through her site www.photographybyleah.ca