Meaningful Chinese New Year Corporate Gifts

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Illustration of dragon dancers and dragon with red lanterns hanging above.

Meaningful Chinese New Year Gifts: Embracing Tradition with Locally-Sourced Corporate Gifts

I was a lucky kid growing up. One of my most vivid memories is from my third-grade Chinese New Year celebration. We spent a week colouring, cutting and creating paper lanterns, dragons and other decorations. The highlight of the week was a Chinese food feast.

Every year, our team and I have the chance to work on Chinese New Year corporate gifts for our clients. It's a time that always brings me back to my childhood. We did our research and discovered a variety of traditional gift items which we sourced in our signature style—local, organic and recycled which wasn't an easy task but we were up for the challenge.

Discover the delightful contents of a Saul Good Gift Co Chinese New Year gift basket, each carefully locally sourced by us. Our team takes immense joy in curating these custom gifts for our cherished clients. To begin crafting your very own custom CNY gift, simply reach out to one of our team members today. Let's make this Chinese New Year truly special!

Welcoming Good Fortune

Symbols for good luck and fortune are traditionally given out on slips of paper. They can be hung upside down on your door or window to welcome good fortune into your home or business for the new year. We integrated the symbol into the gift box packaging and customized gift cards.

Hóngbāo (Red Packets) 紅包

Red packages filled with money are traditionally given out as gifts, especially to children, during the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year festival. We filled our packets with locally made chocolate coins and included them in our Chinese New Year gifts.

It is important to ensure that the amount of money in the envelope does not include the number '4' (4,40,400 etc). This is because the pronunciation of the number 'four' in Chinese sounds like the word 'death' and is therefore unlucky. However, amounts of '8' are considered lucky.

If you include bills, it is important to ensure that they are not old and crumpled. It is best to include crisp bills that look new. You might notice that banks can get quite busy at this time of year as folks line up to get crisp cash for their red envelopes.

Illustration of lucky red packets and eight gold coins.
Cross Cultural Awareness

We considered many things in putting these gifts together, integrating lucky numbers, avoiding unlucky numbers and being sensitive to colours. In addition to avoiding the number '4', it is important to avoid wearing black or white colours because these are colours worn at funerals. Clocks can also symblolize funerals. Knives, swords, and needles are perceived as weapons and should not be visible during Chinese New Year celebrations.

We know that there are many more symbols that are either lucky or problematic and we will continue to gain more knowledge each year. Thank you to everyone that's contributed to our learning, you were a great wealth of knowledge and a pleasure as always.

Sustainable Packaging
Image of customized chinese new year gift packaging with red designs.

As per our standard, our Chinese New Year gift basket boxes are made using 100% recycled or reclaimed paper. Our new packaging has helped us successfully reduce carbon utilization by an impressive 61%. And by switching to 100% recycled packaging, we have achieved a significant milestone of generating 75% less carbon emissions. What's more, our carbon intensity stands at an impressive 0.005 metric tonnes or 4.86 kilograms of CO2e per gift.

Embrace the essence of this remarkable season with gifts that embody its true significance. Our dedicated team of gift-givers is wholeheartedly committed to crafting custom presents that pay homage to the rich traditions and values of Chinese New Year.

Each locally-sourced gift idea is thoughtfully curated to reflect the spirit of unity, prosperity, and goodwill that this celebration represents. Let us help you spread joy and meaning during this occasion for your team and cherished clients. Let's get the conversation started today.