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 I was a lucky kid growing up. One of my most vivid memories is from my third grade Chinese New Year celebration. We spent a week colouring, cutting and creating paper lanterns, dragons and other decorations. The highlight of the week was a Chinese food feast. I unfortunately missed the banquet as I was at home with the chicken pox (I couldn’t have been the only one!), maybe why it's such a vibrant memory for me.




Over the last month we've been working on a project that brought me back to my childhood, creating Chinese New Year gifts for some of our clients. We did our research and discovered a variety of traditional gift items which we sourced in Saul Good style, local, organic and recycled which wasn't an easy chore giving most CNY items being made in China. We were up for the challenge though and there will be more from us along these lines coming up.


Welcoming Good Fortune


Symbols for good luck and fortune are traditionally given out on slips of paper. They can be hung upside down on your door or window to welcome good fortune into your home or business for the new year. We integrated the symbol into the gift box packaging and customized gift cards which we printed on 100% recycled paper (see above).



Heng Bao (Red Packets)


heng_bao_chocolate_packetsRed packages filled with money are traditionally given out as gifts, especially to children, during the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year festival. We filled our packets with locally made chocolate coins and included them in our Chinese New Year gifts.



Cross Cultural Awareness

It may have started in the third grade but my learning of various cultures has continued over the years. I've met a few people who've helped me to learn about Chinese and Asian cultures and I hope to continue learning as we continue working in this space. We considered many things in putting these gifts together, integrating lucky numbers, avoided unlucky numbers, being sensitive to colours and all the contents of course. Thank you to everyone that's contributed, especially Candace, you were a great wealth of knowledge and a pleasure as always. We're always learning over here, just how we like it.


Sustainable Packaging

As per our standard we made these boxes using 100% recycled and reclaimed paper. It took a lot of hand work to prototype but now that we've got it figured out we'll be ready for 2012 with full force!