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Sometimes we search far and wide for the best local products and sometimes our gift discoveries emerge through our network of client relationships. One of our most exciting discoveries has been Clos du Soleil Vineyard. These vintners have created some of BC’s best wines.



It all began last Christmas when a local Vancouver art gallery placed an order for our reclaimed cedar wine boxes. We engraved each box with their logo and sent it out to several gift recipients. One of these wine boxes was sent to Spencer Massie from Clos du Soleil. Spencer's biodynamic vineyard thrives in a unique microclimate in BC called the Similkameen Valley. This terroir is the Organic Farming Capital of Canada.


Last Spring, Spencer got in touch with us to produce a variety of wooden wine boxes and crates for his winery. This is how I was introduced to the wines of Clos du Soleil. It was an introduction that changed my relationship with wine. In the past I have always gravitated toward light red wine (Pinot Noir for example). However, Clos du Soleil has shifted my attention towards Bordeaux style wine. The first time I tasted the ‘Clos du Soleil Signature Red Wine’ it changed my pallet and broadened my ability to enjoy a glass of wine.


When you experience this hand-crafted wine, the flavour and visual presentation are further enhanced by the story of the biodynamic methods that created it. If you aren't familiar with biodynamic wine, please check out the video at the end of this story.



At the Saul Good Gift Co., we don’t choose products simply because they are fancy and organic. We think critically and select products based on the overall experience. If you’re looking to give something delicious and unique, try complementing one of our gourmet gift baskets with a bottle of Clos du Soliel. It is a great way to show meaningful appreciation.


Spencer Massie & Les LeQuelenec


According to Spencer Massie & Les LeQuelenec (above). "The name 'Clos du Soleil 'refers to rocks, sun, and soil, from the mountain that forms a tall natural stone wall at the back of the vineyard, the cobbled terroir, and the long days of sun which pour in on the Similkameen Bench, one of BC’s most unique and promising microclimates."


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