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Meet the Artisan | Thomas Haas - Vancouver

Thomas Haas’ chocolates and pastries are world renowned and his list of accolades is impressive. Thomas and his wife, Lisa, are living their lifelong dream: to be creative, have fun, make people laugh and, of course, prepare the most delectable handcrafted chocolates and pastries imaginable. Even with their tremendous success they are always looking to improve and keep things fresh and innovative.

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Meet the Artisan | Evelyn’s Crackers - Toronto.

Evelyn’s Crackers is a Toronto based micro-bakery, specializing in local wholegrain baked goods. Their team makes sourdough breads, crackers, baked goods and soups. They work directly with Ontario farmers to use certified organic grain and also identity preserved grains, such as Red Fife.

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Meet the Artisan | Le Dolci - Toronto.

Le Dolci is a Culinary Classroom & Bakeshop located in the heart of downtown Toronto. They host over 10 different culinary classes, including courses on doughnuts, pies and Parisian macarons. As a family-run business, their goal is to provide high-quality products with exceptional taste, and to inspire their customers to learn to cook from scratch.

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Meet the Artisan | Roselle - Toronto

Roselle Desserts is a shop in Toronto that makes cakes, confections, and cookies. They make everything in-house and on-site. Their philosophy is to make desserts that they like to eat and share them with their customers. A simple and delicious approach.

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Meet the Artisan | David Chow - Toronto.

David is one of Toronto's top pastry chefs and chocolatiers. A former engineer, he applies both his technical and artistic skills to produce unique hand-crafted products using the best local ingredients, such as buckwheat, honey, fennel, lavender and blackcurrant. Drawing from his lengthy tenures as Executive Pastry Chef at hotels and restaurants in Toronto and abroad, he continues to push the boundaries of chocolate and confections.

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Meet the Artisan | LisaLou's Chocolate Bar - Vancouver.

We’re thrilled to include LisaLou’s Chocolate Bar creations in our gift baskets. We asked founder Lisa Gardin what inspired her to open her amazing Vancouver shop.

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Fostering Local collaborations in Toronto

When David Chow makes delectable treats, he often finds inspiration from his community. “It is all about starting with the best local ingredients I can find and many of these ingredients are made by local artisans and food producers”, David explains as he mixes a giant pot of melting chocolate.

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At Beta 5 Creating Chocolate Is A Work Of Art

You’d be excused for thinking the storefront of a chocolatier hidden in an industrial area of Vancouver wouldn’t be particularly busy on a Thursday afternoon. But the steady traffic of customers showed that people obviously know where to find them. Beta 5 was created by Adam Chandler and Jessica Rosinski, who had a creative vision for pushing the boundaries of chocolate. The name Beta 5 refers to the form-5 beta crystal structure, a stable form of cocoa butter...

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Are Wine, Spirits or Alcohol a Good Corporate Gift?

For those who enjoy alcohol a thoughtfully selected bottle may seem like the perfect gift. And while that might be true for people in your personal life, it's tricky when it comes to corporate gifts . Alcohol is a controversial gift for reasons that may not be obvious. Consider how much you know about the person. Assumptions can be risky when you don't know any of the following information: Personal struggles with alcoholism or addiction . Many recovering addicts aren't...

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The #1 Habit Of High Producing Real Estate Agents

Real estate is more about people than properties. Since 78% of real estate sellers and 63% of buyers still find their agent via recommendation from someone they know, the relationships you create with your clients will determine the success of your business. Your brand is the level of customer service you provide. Exceptional experiences create memorable stories your clients will tell their friends and family while saying "You need to chat with MY agent". At Saul Good Gift Co, we have a...

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