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Legendary Baked Goods by Mom-and-Popreneur Team: Kitchening & Co.

What do you get when an elementary school teacher and a computer programmer start their own bakery? A dynamite mom-and-popreneur team creating a lineup of macarons, cookies and marshmallows in innovative flavour combinations - all while raising two children.

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Bean-to-bar Chocolate made with Heart and Soul

Katie & Kyle Wilson's lives were forever changed by bean-to-bar chocolate they tasted while traveling in New Zealand. Now, they’re on a mission to shift the way people think about chocolate - one single origin bar at a time. Get the full story on Soul Chocolate of Toronto, ON.

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How to Write the Perfect Greeting Card Message

Cards are one of the last things people think about when sending a gift - but it doesn’t have to be. To help you master the art of the greeting card message, we’ve got 3 tips for creating a heartfelt note for any occasion.

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Mixed, Melted, and Poured in Fraser Valley, BC

Fraser Valley Gourmet knows that food is a powerful force that brings people together. We recently spoke with them to learn a little more about the team, as well as the joys and challenges of making candy for a living.

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5 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Proven to Build Business Relationships

Many people think of gifting as a one way transaction - a quick nod of appreciation to a team member or coworker. But as a company that’s been in the gifting game for over 12 years - we know there are so many ways to send a gift that do more than say “thanks.” If done correctly, gifting is a way to enhance relationships, build reputation, and forge new partnerships. To help those looking to get creative with a gifting program, we’ve put together 5 unique ways we’ve seen our clients give.

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