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Denman Island Chocolate were one of the first organic chocolate businesses in Canada and helped to lead the natural and organic food movement here in BC. Their founder Daniel is a great guy who has always been helpful to me with my business. Not only a nice guy, Daniel is a great chocolatier who makes damb tastey chocolate bars. A couple years ago I hosted an organic chocolate tasting party with a bunch of my friends and collegues who hands down chose Denman Island Chocolate as their favorite tasting chocolate bar!

Top 5 things we love about Denman Island Chocolate

  1. Namaste - their organic chocolate Buddha with hazelnut belly is rad. We like to throw those in random corporate gifts just for fun to put smiles on people's faces

  2. Rich and smooth taste won the Saul Good chocolate taste test hands down

  3. Local ingredients - using local organic BC hazelnuts in some of their bars wins high praise with our standards

  4. Ride on! Daniel loads up his bike trailer with outgoing orders for shipping at the Denman Island post office, saweet.

  5. Roots natty roots - we totally respect how they were the first in what has become a growing and significant industry in the organic food movement.

Try out their products in some of our chocolate gift baskets and you won't be disappointed!