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Local business is about knowing your neighbours. When I moved to Vancouver in the fall of 2004 I connected with some remarkable people who knew the value of building a vibrant local business community. When LOCO BC emerged a couple years ago, I got involved right away. It has been an honour to invest time and energy into LOCO and watch it grow through collaborative efforts. Through this growth, LOCO has begun to draw a larger crowd of innovative business leaders and entrepreneurs.Tonight is a great opportunity to celebrate and connect with other like-minded folks in our community!

Over the last month we've been bringing together Vancouver's finest locally owned producers, vintners, chefs and artisans to contribute to this years LOCO holiday party. Over the last 5 years, Saul Good has gotten to know the best of the best local suppliers through our gift basket business. We are looking forward to indulging in the delights served by these featured businesses.

  • We'll Be Serving Handmade Local Treats

There will be phenomenal appetizers from Gone Crackers and Dundarave Olive Company. There will also be a wide selection of treats to keep your palate satiated: heavenly Parisian macarons from Kitchening With Carly, blissful confections by Cocolico (featuring their sweet & salty pretzel nut mix, drizzled in burnt caramel sauce).

  • We'll Be Pouring Local Artisan Drinks

Our friends at the Pemberton Distillery kicked down their locally produced organic vodka and gin made from, you guessed it, local Pemberton organic potatoes. Wine from Clos du Soleil. For those of you who don't want alcohol, SIP will be serving their superbly sophisticated soda.

  • Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Being LOCO

  1. I love Vancouver! This city is a hot bed for innovative entrepreneurs and unique small businesses. Our markets are full of talented artisans.

  2. It's all about relationships. Business connections are good...But, it is much better to have connections derived from shared values for our local Vancouver community. We can see the big picture. It isn't just about individual successes. It is about collective accomplishment.

  3. It's fun.

A big shout out to: PacBlue Printing, Salt Spring Coffee, Eclipse Awards, MODO Car Co-op, Belmondo Skin Care, SHIFT Urban Cargo Delivery, UGM and Vancity Credit Union!