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 vista d'oro salsa

When we design corporate gift baskets for Vancouver businesses, we strive to create unique artisan gift experiences that can be shared throughout an entire team. Some examples of shareable office gifts include: The Cubicle Party, The Department Party and the The Corner Office Party all found in our Holiday Gift Guide.



The new Heirloom Tomato Salsa from Vista D'oro is a great example of how a classic item can become extraordinary. This is not your average last-minute chips and salsa. This salsa captures the feeling of an afternoon at a local Vancouver farmer’s market. It also carries the unique story of local heirloom tomatoes. 

 Local heirloom tomatoes deserve worship.


They are works of art that took many generations to create. Therefore, we should give them the love and respect that we shower on important historical paintings, poetry, literature and sculptures.

Over the last several decades, there has been a staggering loss of family farms and the heirloom varieties that they produce. In addition to this loss of unique and delicious beauty, we are at risk of losing the intelligence and wisdom of these tomatoes. Heirloom varieties possess the valuable results of environmental adaptation and genetic diversity that allows higher survival rates in their indigenous environments.


From the deep red ‘Neves Azorean Red’ to the yellowish-orange ‘Azoychka’, it is important that we celebrate and protect the hundreds of heirloom tomato varieties, so that future generations can enjoy these edible pieces of history.


According to the folks at Vista D'oro, their salsa is great on Halibut, or combined with avocado and sour cream!