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Saul Good is hiring and I'm looking for someone amazing that wants to be a part of building this business. As my business has grown I've been learning about how to best maximize the use of my time and get help from people to grow. My experience is limited in this space but this is how things are looking from my perspective.

Top 3 things to consider when hiring

1) Cultural fit.

Culture is king and drives how your business lives in the world, the kinds of clients you attract, the kinds of employees you retain and the feeling and breath of your business. In some ways culture = brand. Although there are ways for larger businesses to propogate their cultures, like the Zappos Culture Book and extensive interview process to ensure cultural fit, small business needs to really rely on having a strong understanding of your brand and values, trusting your instincts and finding the people that feel like a good fit. I'm not looking to hire a cog in the wheel, but people to build a strong foundation for an amazing company. Culture will evolve and be co-created by the employees but choosing the right ones early plays a big role in how it'll all play out.

2) Focus on what you're great at and get help with things that you're not the best.

I'm good at sales. I think it's really fun to get to know people, their businesses, and figuring out creative ways to help them build relationships to nurture success. I need help in operations, taking care of all the details that make this business tick, working with suppliers, ordering products, assembling gifts and getting them where they need to be when they need to be there. I've decided to focus on the sales and marketing side and I'm looking for help in operations. I see this as a good way to focus on what I'm good at and getting help at things that keep me busy instead of adding value strategically.

3) Attitude is essential - anyone can learn anything

People are smart and can learn how to do almost anything. But attitude isn't learned and is really hard for people to change. If you've got a great attitude you'll make the most out of challenging situations, be pleasant to work with and be willing to learn and grow. These are the types of people I want to hire and build Saul Good with.

If anyone has any other tips for me please feel free to share your experience with comments below. And if you know anyone that could be a good fit for my operational needs here at Saul Good please send them my way.