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Vanilla infused honey drizzles nicely on toast and melts perfectly into black tea. As that sweetness dances on your tastebuds, it is interesting to take pause and reflect on the hardworking honey bees and how incredibly important they are. In addition to being nature’s little artisans, their pollination is essential to local food production. 




The honey we feature in our local gourmet gift baskets is from Mellifera Bees. Borrowing its name from the Latin Apis Mellifera, or “honey-bearing bee,” Mellifera Bees was founded by beekeeper Melissa Cartwright, whose first name means “honey bee.” She harvests honey from backyards and rooftops in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. It is unprocessed and infused with organic and fair trade ingredients from independent BC businesses.
Local bc honey                         Melissa Cartwright (photo by Tara Dwelsdorf for This Fair Land)


Like many local artisans, Melissa has seen some good success with her products. However, she faces a unique business challenge, because her bees are a vulnerable workforce. The decline in bee populations has been a serious global issue over the past decade. In order to maintain a steady supply of honey, Melissa needs to have a diverse selection of local hives.


gift baskets and honey bc



In addition to a reverence of honey bees and delicious honey, there is a growing awareness that the loss of pollinators would cause tremendous devastation to our local food systems, natural habitats and our local economies.


According to the British Bee-keepers Association, honey bees contribute more to their local economy than the royal family.



When you purchase locally harvested honey, you are supporting local bees and their lovely neighbourhood bee keepers. Your are also nourishing your body with awesome nutritional benefits. You can find Mellifera Bees Honey in our Vancouver Foodie gift, our Local Gourmand gift, The Locavore and The Key to Vancouver. You can also follow Melissa on instagram: @mellifera_bees and catch her Friday bee facts on twitter: @MelliferaBees


local bc honey



As you enjoy your toast and tea with honey, you can further support pollinators by planting flowering plants. According to Melissa, honey bees love purple flowers, such as Lavender. In addition to assisting pollinators, this resilient fragrant flower can endure periods of drought.

bees up close