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All business is about building relationshps. Gifts are an opportunity to say more than 'thank you' for a job well done, a great contract, or employee appreciation. By building values into gifts and customizing them to tell your story, successful corporate gifts tell people what you're all about and why they do business with you. These types of memorable experiences build relationshps in a meaningful way and help you give more than 'stuff'.

Top 5 things to remember about corporate gift giving

1) Make it memorable, no one needs more 'stuff', if you wouldn't want it yourself, chances are your clients' don't want it either. You can do more harm than good if peoples' reaction is 'thanks?'

2) Wine or alcohol can be a good gift BUT ONLY if you know them personally and that they'll appreciate it. The last thing you want to do is make someone uncomfortable becuase of personal or religious reasons. Remember, we're trying to build relationships here, not destroy them.

3) Have a budget in mind. Know what you're comfortable spending and give a range to your service provider. Let them customize a gift program for you that makes sense based on your needs and values and go from there. High price point gifts can be really nice for some select clients but you don't always have to break the bank. Creativity can go a long way on a limited budget.

4) Tell a story. Use the gift to create an experience that tells your story and shares your values. By sourcing local products for example you tell a story about your values for community and a strong local economy. Sourcing premium artisan products tells a story about quality. Organic and fair trade items tell a story of environmental and social responsibility. What's your story? Let us help you tell yours.

5) When giving gifts to an office that lots of people are going to share, make it easy for them to all get in on the action. Our local artisan cookie gifts, artisan organic chocolate truffle gifts and local artisan specialty nut gifts were designed with this in mind. Lots of small items that people can each get a taste for, enjoy a fresh tasty treat and know who was thinking about them. Its a quick and easy way to get a great point across. Not only do you have good taste but also a sense of practicality.