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Back in the day, cleaning was as simple as a bar of soap and some warm water.

After World War I, cleaning products became more complicated as we began using chemicals. Our homes and our bodies had never before encountered such complex ingredients. There was a period of time where we had a romantic view of this new way of life. However, this romance faded as we began to more carefully examine these new unpronounceable ingredients.

The cleaning products industry has changed alot over the past ten years. In its early stages, green cleaning was a micro-niche of DIY concoctions made out of vinegar and baking soda. Today we see green cleaning products on the shelf of every major supermarket made by the world’s largest consumer brands.

How did we get here? The following is a brief history of the green cleaning industry featuring some of our favourite companies and local champions.


The forefathers of green cleaning


We feel that it is important to tip our hat to the pioneers of toxin-free cleaning products - In 1988, Seventh Generation began establishing a path for eco-friendly products that allowed many more companies to follow along. Since its inception, this company has maintained a simple marketing style that focuses on sustainability.

This company’s commitment to the environment includes recycled and post-consumer materials in its packaging and biodegradable, and phosphate- and chlorine-free ingredients in its products.




Green cleaning gets a new look.


As a fellow B Corp company, we admire the leadership of Method. They added a fun and stylish twist to green cleaning, that has turned the heads of consumers, while causing competitors to imitate.

The witty approach reminds all of us that cleaning can be a fun and pleasant ritual. It also reminds us that being green is awesome, hilarious and colourful.

By focussing on creating superior products that are fun to use (and just happen to be green), Method has challenged the major players of the cleaning product industry to adapt and compete for customers that were long held by the major brands.


Green cleaning combines style, fun and the local ethos.


As mentioned previously, we love our local Sapadilla cleaning company! It is our cleaning product of choice. It was created in 2007, in North Vancouver, BC. These folks sought to make eco-cleaning a more pleasurable experience with uplifting aromas from pure essential oils.

At the core of this business, there is a strong belief that their products will get the job done without a myriad of unnecessary chemicals. Sapadilla is concerned about the impact of conventional cleaners (and some so-called natural ones) that are serious overkill for the job.

Did we mention that they smell fabulous?

Using pure essential oils Sapadilla products exude a pleasurable scent that’s 100% natural and 100% all good. All the ingredients are environmentally friendly, skin friendly, and have been known to make cleaning a wonderful experience. Using plant-based, biodegradable & non-toxic ingredients like palm and coconut oil and vegetable glycerin.

Did we mention that they work?
Their recently launced hand-soap has become a fan favorite around these parts along with their tried, tested and true countertop cleanser. The grapefruit bergamot scent is our fave.