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As Vancouver's first "BUY LOCAL WEEK" comes to an end, we want to end on a high note and share some indulgent ideas for how you can enjoy delicious and festive local goodness! As a local Vancouver gift company, we have a lot of experience searching, sampling and selecting the best of BC's best local artisan creations. Here are some delicious ideas:


Kitchening with Carly


Our clients love Carly's products! In addition to her legendary macarons, there has been a lot of excitement about her new ginger chocolate cookies! They melt in your mouth


Chocolate Arts


We are currently infatuated with the Chocolate Arts eggnog truffle (limited edition). Spend a rainy weekend afternoon at the Chocolate Arts new location.





Cocoa Nymph


Our favourite Cocoa Nymph treat is the lavender hot chocolate (with almond milk). It'll warm you up on the yuckiest, grey Vancouver days.





Beta 5


Beta 5 takes confections to a whole new stage of evolution. In a recent blog post titled, "Wine Pairing Guide: Local BC Wine + Vancouver Artisan Confections" we suggested pairing Beta 5 Darker Chocolate + Blasted Church “Amen” Non-Vintage Port-de-Merlot. It is a divine combination!




Wendy Boys


When it comes to creating great gifts...it's not just about skills, it's about heart. Wendy from Cocolico exudes an appreciation of chocolate that you can taste in her products.









Salt Spring Coffee


We are madly in love with Salt Spring Coffee's holiday blend.


This unique blend is full of chocolate, spice and walnut tasting notes. It has a balanced body and acidity that gives it a lovely smooth finish.