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Melissa’s love of honey began with a rainy day on Galiano Island when she decided to escape from a soggy west coast downpour. She went into a local book shop and became absorbed in a beekeeping book. From within the pages of this book, Melissa's destiny unfolded and she soon became an innovative artisan beekeeper in Vancouver B.C...and the queen of Mellifera Bees. 


From Chinatown to Le Marché St.George, Mellifera Bees are creating an important addition to Vancouver’s ecosystem. The Saul Good Gift Co. is thrilled to add this unique product to our Vancouver gift baskets. Although honey has always been a classic gift, it is exciting to take it to the next level for urban artisanal food.


Interestingly, the location of a beehive can determine different characteristics in the honey. Mellifera has hives located on a rooftop in Chinatown and also one on the roof of Le Marche St. George, a well curated market featuring delicious Vancouver artisan fare.

Aside from the potent personality of urban beehives, Mellifera differentiates with unique infusions. Melissa adds fair trade and organic ingredients sourced from independently owned BC companies.


If you want to expand your honey experience, try out Millifera’s pairing suggestions below:


Vanilla Infused Honey

Try it with: Pecans, brie, pears and Earl Grey tea.


Cardamom Infused Honey

Try it with: Pure vanilla bean ice cream,  lace mulled wine and rum cake, mancheego cheese or plain goat’s milk yogurt.


Lemon Infused Honey

Try it with: Grilled chicken, salmon, toast, rooibos tea, or pair it with wine and cheese.


Look out for Mellifera Bees honey in our local Vancouver gift baskets.