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We are excited to provide you with the opportunity to give chocolate gifts from Beta 5 (one of Vancouver’s most innovative confectionist creators). If you are feeling attached to the regular old box of chocolates routine...Let’s take a moment to compare scenarios and analyze your options.

Scenario #1

“Oh! It’s another box of chocolates.” says Sally in accounting.
The predictable box stares up at her with overwhelming dullness. Sally forces a smile and adjusts her jacket awkwardly as she wrestles with the idea of breaking her new diet for boring waxy chocolate.

Although Sally in accounting might pretend to be excited, she is stuck in a rut of receiving poor quality boxes of chocolate that leave a lasting impression of thoughtlessness and inauthenticity.

Scenario #2

Sally's team receives a Saul Good confectionist gift filled with easy to share high quality artisan chocolates and confections including Beta 5 chocolates. 

These fun and simple treats are not overwhelming sweet. The Beta 5 chocolate is produced using ethically sourced estate chocolates from France’s storied chocolatier Michel Cluizel.

Sally in accounting will appreciate that her chocolate gift experience is far beyond the ordinary.