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Vista D'oro

Eating locally and in season is a Utopian dream. Who doesn’t want the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious food to eat? I love growing food in my yard and shopping at the local farmer's market down the road. Eating local is a great ethos to move towards...but in reality a hard thing to do 100% of the time. 


At the Saul Good Gift Co., we love helping people discover easy ways to enjoy local organic goodness as much as possible. We’ve written about our friends at Vista D’oro Farms before and we think that this local BC farm creates some of the best artisan products on the market. Patrick and Lee grow bountiful delights at their beautiful Langley farmstead. With their crops, they create artisan fruit, nut & wine preserves using ingredients that are in season. They make the locavore lifestyle easy and fun! Patrick came by this past week with a few jars of what’s new at Vista D’oro and I wanted to share a bit from my tasting experience.



1. Green Heriloom Tomato with Garam Masala

Made using tomatoes from their fall harvest this preserve is actually from their fall line. I enjoyed it on savory crackers along with some mild goat feta. The spices are subtle and complimentary, not overwhelming.


2. Spiced Apple & Gewurztraminer

Made using apples from their farm this sweet preserve is full of fruit. It looks like there is a whole apple in there. You can't make this kind of product in a factory!


3. Green Walnut & Grappa

Made using walnuts from their farm and an Italian liquor. This preserve has a unique taste that's surprisingly good. Usually, when I think of grappa I imagine a swift shot that I put it back as fast as I can. Vista D'oro did a lot better with this. It is a flavour experience that you do not want to rush. This preserve was nice on a cracker and also works well in Parisian Macaron gift baskets made by local confectionist Kitchening With Carly.


Vista D’oro preserves have made a comfortable place in our gourmet gift baskets and a warm place in my heart as well. Patrick and Lee are the type of entrepreneurs that we need more of in this world. I admire how they live with the seasons in the farm fresh air. Thanks for sharing the fruit of your labour with us!