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We are excited to welcome Modo into the world of gifts with their new program "Modo Mojo"! At the Saul Good Gift Co., we think that Modo Mojo is a great gift, because Modo is part of how we deliver gifts and radiate happiness. When we are making local Vancouver gift deliveries, we are usually driving one of the many fine Modo vehicles. As a small local Vancouver business, we like to reduce excessive expenses and reduce our carbon footprint.


We are proud to promote car sharing as a great way to roll. We are also proud that Saul likes posing as one of the Modo poster children.


Modo is taking over Vancouver...whether you like it or not. This trend is unlike other fleeting Vancouver fads, such as tights for pants, UG boots and moustaches. It is more of a permanent fixture in Vancouver...like yoga, hockey, backyard chickens, and the folk fest.


There are over 300 business members carsharing through Modo. The video above breaks down some of the reasons why it is such a great resource for us. Check out the massive list of local Vancouver businesses and nonprofits using modo.

With over 184 locations, Modo makes it easy to cut down on car usage...so that you only have to use a vehicle when you need one. You can switch up your vehicle selection depending on the occasion. From minivans for soccer games to hybrids to heavy-duty trucks for home renos...A Modo membership has got you covered.


Spread the eco-friendly, reusable love and give the gift of some “Modo Mojo”


We are super happy that Modo has created an easy way to give the gift of Modo Mojo. This is an awesome gift for anyone in Vancouver. Mojo can be purchased in any amount and it can be used towards carsharing payments or sign-up fees. It can be given to members or non-members






1. Mojo for Existing Members


All you have to do is contact Modo (phone number is 604.685.1393 and email is info(at)modo.coop) with the following details:

  • Recipient's first and last name (or Modo member number, if you know it);


  • Dollar amount you'd like to purchase.



2. Mojo for Non-Modo Peeps


Be sure to give your mojo gift to someone who is eligible to join Modo.(19 years of age and good driving history). If you know for sure that your gift recipient will join Modo, give them a call (phone number is 604.685.1393 and email is info(at)modo.coop) with the following details:

  • Recipient's first and last name and contact information including phone number and email address;


  • Dollar amount you'd like to purchase.