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In our previous post, 5 Tips For Successful Corporate Gift Baskets, we discussed how gifts communicate with gift recipients.“A great gift is like a great conversation.” What do you want to say? How do you create a meaningful gift experience that tells a story?

If you want your gift to communicate a narrative of charity, we suggest Survival Gifts by UNICEF or Christmas Meals by the Union Gospel Mission (UGM). These two charity gift programs have a key strength in common: they directly connect your donation with the donation recipients you seek to assist. Your donation becomes targeted, tangible and more meaningful.

Give Locally: Give the Gift of a Warm and Nourishing Christmas Meal from the Union Gospel Mission

Down the street from the Saul Good office, there is a Union Gospel Mission. When we walk past their facilities at meal times, there is often a long line of folks with empty tummies. It is interesting to see a wide array of diversity. Some people are young. Some are elderly and some of them seem to be wrapping up a day of underpaid manual labour.

The UGM Christmas meal program is so much more than a meal. The staff go above and beyond to create an experience that builds community and brings joy to people who might otherwise spend the holidays in an ongoing state of struggle. Large event tents are assembled and high end meals are served to over 2000 Downtown Eastside residents. It is not simply a gift of food. It is a gift of dignity, warmth, community and connection. Although a holiday meal will not fix all hardships, it provides mental, emotional and physical nourishment.

Give Globally: Give Gifts of Survival from UNICEF

Why not give the gift of saving a child's life? UNICEF has designed a brilliant program that allows you to purchase gifts that address specific issues. For example, The Family Survival Food Pack is carefully crafted to deliver the most effective and efficient assistance that starving families require. The pack includes a nutrient-packed ration bundle, that staves off malnutrition in children. This pack contains: 15 Plumpy'Nut® Packets, 20 Therapeutic Milk Sachets, 40 Micronutrient Powder Sachets, 50 High Energy Biscuits.

Additional Examples of Survival Gifts from UNICEF:

  • Local Water Pump

Where children are thirsty, where babies die for lack of hygiene, where girls must forgo school to find water, abundant local water is a magical, transformative gift. Contains: 1 Water Pump for a community.

  • Winter Survival Pack

  • Give struggling children what they urgently need to survive - protection from diseases, essential nutrients to build strength, and clean water. Contains: 100 Micronutrient Powder Sachets, 85 Measles Vaccines, 85 Polio Vaccines, 500 Water Purification Tablets.
  • Urgent Aid

Make the greatest impact! When you choose this gift, we'll put your contribution to work where the need is currently most critical. You'll play an invaluable role in bringing life-changing nutrition, education and relief to the children who need it most, wherever they are in the world.