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[Updated: March 2019]


A great gift is like a great conversation between the sender and receiver. If sending a gift is like starting a conversation, what do you want your gift to say?

Or better yet, what kind of story do you want your gift to tell?

If you’re having trouble following how a gift can also be a story, let us explain. At Saul Good, our story is one of local community impact. Every gift you send directly supports local makers, social enterprises, and businesses owned by women and visible minorities. It’s the story behind the gift box that makes getting a Saul Good gift a meaningful and memorable experience. (We know the delicious treats help, too!)

Curious about how to tell a unique story with gifts? We’ve put together a list of non material gift ideas that make a big difference in BC.

Experience a First Nation Kayak Tour

Your gift recipient can learn about the place they live from something other than Wikipedia. The Tsleil-Waututh Nation has travelled the land and waters of their traditional territory for thousands of years, and wish to share their knowledge with visitors who appreciate wild nature and authentic indigenous culture. Takaya Tours is the premier First Nation owned eco-tourism venture in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada and operate out of the Burrard Inlet and Salmon Arm.

Take a Woodworking Workshop

Wood Shop Workers Co-op (WSWC) makes sustainable furniture that looks good and does good. Their beginner-friendly workshops are excellent for team building activities, families, or individuals who can appreciate a unique experience to create. With options to create tables, chairs, trunks and work with groups or in private classes, there’s something for everyone. Here’s what makes WSWC special:

  • Reducing and Reusing. WSWC practices ethical sourcing, meaning the materials used are reclaimed or sustainably sourced. (No forests, natural habitats, barns, or cultural heritage sites were harmed in the making of their products.)

  • Cruelty free. None of the products used when finishing handcrafted furniture are tested on animals, nor do they contain products that are tested on animals

  • Zero waste shipping. WSWC ships and sells products exclusively with recyclable packaging.

Fashionable Finds from Community Thrift & Vintage

Community Thrift and Vintage is a social enterprise whose profits go directly to the PHS Community Services Society. Their shop acts as an integrated peer program that employs women living in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver as an opportunity in transitional periods of their lives to build skills in a supportive work environment. Plus, their hand-curated selection of thrift and vintage duds are just… cool. Check out their shop on Etsy if you can’t make it to their brick and mortar location.

Handcrafted Wood Ornaments from Tradeworks

Tradeworks has facilitated opportunities for mentorship and transitional employment in the trades since 1994. Tradeworks employs individuals with various barriers to employment after their completion of a carpentry and manufacturing employment program run by their partner organization, Open Door Group. While working in the social enterprise, participants receive additional mentorship from staff, hone their woodworking and/or laser engraving skills, and gain experience in their field.

When you purchase items from Tradeworks, you’re not only getting handcrafted wood products—you’re directly contributing to the next group of crew members to move through their social enterprise and take their career into their own hands.

Check out their line of wooden ornaments perfect for seasonal gifting.

Tour Historical Chinatown

Vancouver’s Chinatown was established in 1885 and has some of the oldest and most unique stories in Vancouver. Chinatown Girl’s Judy Lum Maxwell conducts tours through Chinatown with the mission of to educating, enlightening, and entertaining clients through the history and culture of Vancouver’s Chinatown while also raising money for restoration of heritage buildings. Learn about Chinatown’s segregated past from the rest of the city, its dynamic and cutting-edge present, and what might be in store for its future all in an afternoon.

Reusable Gift Wrap

Furoshiki, or the Japanese tradition of wrapping cloth to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods is having a major moment - and it’s so simple! Yes, we know this isn’t a gift per se, but with over 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags thrown in the trash in Canada in 2017 alone, a beautiful, reusable solution to an annual problem should not be overlooked. Simply pick your favourite fabrics from Dressew and get wrapping, or choose from dozens of designs sold online at Lush.ca if you need some inspiration.

Afraid the art of Furoshiki will take too long to master? Check out these handy instructions and history lesson from Japan Info.

Membership to the Vancouver Aquarium

Aside from being a fun, family-friendly activity, membership to the Vancouver Aquarium directly supports the many research, direct action and education initiatives the aquarium partakes in. Membership gains your recipients access to year round workshops and educational events. You don’t even have to get off the couch to give the gift of membership - call 604-659-3526 or

purchase an e-gift card here.

Membership to the Vancouver Art Gallery

Membership provides vital support to the Gallery and its long-standing commitment to artistic and educational excellence. Members and donors help the gallery to present exciting, world-class exhibitions and offer special events and engaging programs to adults, children and families alike. Membership benefits include unlimited free admission for a full year, free admission to FUSE events, weekly family programs, artist talks, curator tours, noon hour concerts and so much more. Plus, your recipient will be able to *officially* call themselves a patron of the arts. Check out membership options here.

Experience A Vegan Food Tour

Looking to shop for the foodie on your list? Vancouver is home to a ton of variety when it comes to restaurants and the same can be said for vegan cuisine. Challenge your recipient to embrace Meatless Monday and gift them a Vegan Food tour of Vancouver.

Treat a Friend to Coffee at Catfe

Support cats in need by visiting Vancouver’s only cat cafe. In partnership with the SPCA, Catfe has found homes for over 550 cats since opening in December 2015. Take in a delicious cat-puccino (don’t forget to bring your reusable mug) and play with lovable cats as they await their forever home. Gift certificates are also available.



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