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Looking back, I think by now November is officially known as “Movember” around these here parts. The number of mo's continues to grow, and fewer people are shocked and horrified when they see a surprise stash crop up on a friend or loved one. Now, the reaction is often a groan, or more often, a thunderous roar of applause for fresh facial hair. Yes, the month of November has truly become the 30 days where the mustache-curious, or just the philanthropically hearted, use their follicles for good and raise funds for the global research effort to combat prostate cancer.


As a year-round mustache caretaker (“owner” is far too heavy handed a term), I am delighted by the swelling support and participation I see around Movember. I think that growing a burly lip brush is just the thing to pick up a man’s spirits dampened by the gloomy grey days that come with the onset of winter. Not to mention, raising the profile of prostate cancer research is a fantastic cause. So, the more mustachioed muchachos the merrier.


A good gift should be fun and thoughtful, and that’s precisely the attitude Saul Good Gift Co. took with Movember. I’m delighted to report that I used my stature as a mustache emeritus to bring aboard 3 new office mates into the hirsute fold. Below are some pictures of their resplendent mo’s, and my sadness to see it all come to an end. No one listened to my impassioned arguments for a year-round stash, and in the end, December 1st was a cold, sad, freshly shaved day for my fellow Movember warriors.


I am keeping up the good fight however, and I can only assume it's just a matter of time before all men in Vancouver see the quiet fashionable dignity of the gentlemanly mustache, and take up the cause for themselves.