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Sapadilla is a cool green cleaning product company based in Vancouver, BC that makes high quality all natural products that work and smells great. Jill and Steve are two of the friendliest people you’ll meet and I’ve really enjoyed working with and getting to know them over this past year. Premium locally made products are in demand and it’s been a pleasure getting these products into people’s homes. My favorite is their grapefruit & bergamot countertop cleanser as it smells really nice and keeps things clean without the use of nasty chemicals.

Sapadilla has truely made a great leap towards creating products that are sustainable to the core and attractive to use for all sorts of people. The ingredients are all plant based and biodegradable, made with naturally effective ingredients from sugar, coconut and palm oil. They use pure essential oils which have natural cleansing properties and smell amazing.

Sapadilla is one of the premiere products in our real estate gift baskets. These baskets are great for real estate agents or as a present for someone who just bought a house.