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Over the last couple years we've been working with Bullfrog Power to purchase Green Power Certificates for our use of electricity. It was an easy way to support the development of renewable energy projects in BC, in that case the Bear Mountain wind energy project. Even though our province mainly uses renewable hydro power to meet our electricity needs, the more renewable energy projects the better I say. Bullfrog has just launched a new program, 100% green natural gas. Green natural gas? What's up with that? As I learned a bit more I thought it was another great project to support.

Green Natural Gas - What's up with that?

Landfills create methane, a greenhouse gas about 25 times more powerful than CO2, which gets released into the atmosphere. Many landfills across Canada are mandated to cap landfills to trap the methane, then, at a minimum, flare it to create CO2, the lesser of two evils in this case. Some landfill methane projects use the gas to run turbines and create electricity, a fairly well developed practice at this point. With our support as Green Natural Gas Bullfrog users are helping to support the development of a landfill methane project in Quebec that's cleaning captured methane which is then fed into natural gas pipelines and used by area homes and businesses. Although we won't directly be using this 'green natural gas' it's helping to build a business case for the development of this new type of renewable energy technology.

What about subsidies, isn't that the government's job?

The Canadian Government, ooops, I mean The Harper Government, has been subsidizing the oil and natural gas from the beginning. Without subsidies we wouldn't have the natural resource sector that we have today. It's how an industry develops as production costs usually start higher than the market can bare. It's what's needed to get things going. A more forward thinking government would be doing this for us. Instead it's left to forward thinking businesses and individuals to make it happen. That's where we're at!

What about reduction? Isn't this just paying to justify pollution?

Responsible business starts with understanding one's footprint, followed by finding ways to reduce use before looking at offsets or green power certificates (GPCs). We worked with Climate Smart to help us with our greenhouse gas inventory to get a benchmark for where we're at as a business and our impact on the environment. Offsets and GPCs are the end of the line, not the be all and end all. As most businesses find, as they dig a little into how they use resources find innovative and creative ways to reduce use, saving money and the environment. One of the ways we've been able to minimize our impact at Saul Good is by sharing office and warehouse space with Eclipse Awards, another Bullfrog Powered business who we've build a great relationship with over the last few years. Never underestimate the power of collaboration, its not just about you and me out there, it's about us all.