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At Beta 5 Creating Chocolate Is A Work Of Art

Saul Good visited Beta 5 chocolate to learn about their unique approach, phihlosophy, and attention to detail that has won them attention on an international stage.

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Are Wine, Spirits or Alcohol a Good Corporate Gift?

For those who enjoy alcohol a thoughtfully selected bottle may seem like the perfect gift. And while that might be true for people in your personal life, it's tricky when it comes to corporate gifts.

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Inside MEC HQ: 3 Tips Employers Can Learn from Employee Recognition Initiatives

At Saul Good Gift Co, we're proud to work with MEC to help them provide ongoing recognition to their employees. We talked to Anne Scott, MEC's HR Coordinator to get the inside scoop on how they use Saul Good Canada gift baskets for employee recognition.

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Honey sweetens our local economy

The honey we feature in our local gourmet gift baskets is from Mellifera Bees. It is unprocessed and infused with organic and fair trade ingredients from independent BC businesses.

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Wine Pairing Guide: Local BC Wine + Vancouver Artisan Confections

  We recently caught up with Valerie Stride from The Demystified Vine and got some great advice on how to pair local BC wines with some of our favouriteVancouver artisan confections. Check out these clear, easy and helpful tips! Your indulgent epicurian moments are about to be upgraded and demystified!             Valerie Stride is the creator of the The Demystified Vine ( @DemystifiedVine ). She is a Vancouver-based WSET Certified Wine...

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Infused Artisan Honey from Local Vancouver Rooftops

Melissa’s love of honey began with a rainy day on Galiano Island when she decided to escape from a soggy west coast downpour. She went into a local book shop and became absorbed in a beekeeping book. From within the pages of this book, Melissa's destiny unfolded and she soon became an innovative artisan beekeeper in Vancouver B.C...and the queen of Mellifera Bees .     From Chinatown to Le Marché St.George, Mellifera Bees are creating an important addition to Vancouver’s...

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Vancouver Arts Innovation & Business : Orcas take over Strathcona

Between rail yards and the clamor of the Downtown East Side, there lies an excess of concrete, industrial buildings, and bare walls. When art emerges here, it is a gift to the community of Strathcona and the city of Vancouver. The gift of public art sparks creativity and breeds innovation. Creativity and innovation nourish entrepreneurship. Therefore, murals do more than bring beauty to a neighbourhood...they also improve the socio-economic landscape of urban communities.

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Help is the Greatest Gift: Ayoudo Social Garden

As you may realize, Vancouver is a unique city full of many unique local gifts. Sometimes the perfect local gift cannot be found at a market, a craft fair or a gift company. Sometimes the perfect gift is a helping hand.   Getting the right help from the right person is a timeless gift that will forever be classy and meaningful. At the Saul Good Gift Co., we are excited to help spread the word about Ayoudo Social Garden . This new innovative app has recently brought together two things...

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Modo Mojo: A Super Awesome Vancouver Gift

We are excited to welcome Modo into the world of gifts with their new program "Modo Mojo"! At the Saul Good Gift Co., we think that Modo Mojo is a great gift, because Modo is part of how we deliver gifts and radiate happiness. When we are making local Vancouver gift deliveries, we are usually driving one of the many fine Modo vehicles. As a small local Vancouver business, we like to reduce excessive expenses and reduce our carbon footprint.   We are proud to promote car sharing as a great...

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SOLEfood CSA Shares are a Nourishing and Unique Local Gift

  When we find local, organic gifts that are meaningful and unique, it is our duty to report these findings to you. We recently discovered a great local gift that nourishes the gift recipient while healing Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.       Why are CSA shares from SOLEfood an awesome gift?       1) Nourishing your gift recipient with a weekly supply of fresh, local and organic produce:       The fresh delicious food...

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