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Are Wine, Spirits or Alcohol a Good Corporate Gift?

For those who enjoy alcohol a thoughtfully selected bottle may seem like the perfect gift. And while that might be true for people in your personal life, it's tricky when it comes to corporate gifts.

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How Your Shopping Shaped the Evolution of Cleaning Products

  Back in the day, cleaning was as simple as a bar of soap and some warm water. After World War I, cleaning products became more complicated as we began using chemicals. Our homes and our bodies had never before encountered such complex ingredients. There was a period of time where we had a romantic view of this new way of life. However, this romance faded as we began to more carefully examine these new unpronounceable ingredients. The cleaning products industry has...

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Delivering Gift Baskets with a Shift Delivery Tricycle!

In our previous post, we discussed Climate Smart and how we focus on improving aspects of our business that have the greatest environmental impact: Shipping and Paper use. We are constantly trying to improve and we decided to share a glimpse of how fun this process can be!       In the video above, we are delivering new home gift baskets in Vancouver's downtown core for new home owners.       How Low Can Our Impact Go?  ...

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Vancouver's AspenClean keeps you and your home carcinogen free

I originally wrote this article on GranvilleOnline.ca and thought readers would like to see it here too. Let me know what you think. Locally made AspenClean green cleaning products won't damage health or happiness Although they've been around for years it wasn't until last week that I had the opportunity to try AspenClean green cleaning products. Based in North Vancouver, Alicia and Chris Sokolowski have been on a mission to develop healthy cleaning products for the home that...

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Sustainable purchasing challenge - bathroom tissue

When asked to source bathroom tissue for one of my clients I thought it would be easy to find a great product made from 100% post consumer recycled content. I was wrong. Lots of products and leading brands have family pack sizes but for individually wrapped product the options are pretty much nil. Up to last fall there were a couple products on the market, Cascades , I believe Canada's largest recycled paper products companies, and Seventh Generation , our friends in Vermont who've...

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Sapadilla – nice little eco-cleaners

Sapadilla is a cool green cleaning product company based in Vancouver, BC that makes high quality all natural products that work and smells great. Jill and Steve are two of the friendliest people you’ll meet and I’ve really enjoyed working with and getting to know them over this past year. Premium locally made products are in demand and it’s been a pleasure getting these products into people’s homes. My favorite is their grapefruit & bergamot countertop cleanser as it smells really nice...

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