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Women’s Day: Good Gift Ideas that Create Jobs

It all began at the end of January 2012, when we received a call from Vichy Laboratoires. They wanted 500 unique corporate gifts for an International Women’s Day gift program.

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Local Vancouver gifts as organic living art: Why we love The Olla Urban Flower Project

    The Olla Flower Project was created by Megan Branson and Dionne Finch. According to Megan, these two women wove together a true obsession for plants and flowers with a vision: A small business committed to community engagement and sustainable flower production.           Flowers are a great gift that activates a multi-sensory experience of beauty. Although flowers are a gift that rarely fail...Do you ever wonder how can we take this...

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Proud to be a Founding Canadian B Corp Company

When a company is a B Corp, it provides certainty. It allows us to know the difference between “good” companies and good marketing .  I was first introduced to B Corp back in 2007. At the time, I was a wide-eyed MBA student...only a month away from completing my MBA program in sustainable business at BGI .   One of my classmates, Mary Rick ( @maryrick ) was organizing a Balle Conference in San Francisco and she encouraged our class to attend. I...

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How Paul Hawken Inspired the Creation of Saul Good Gift Co.

Last night, Paul Hawken spoke at Vancouver's historic Orpheum Theatre. The room was packed with social entrepreneurs and inspired Vancouverites, who want to improve the world for our children, and our children’s children. I was happy to see some great local characters in the house! There were students and alumni from Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) , local business leaders, ( Salt Spring Coffee , Climate Smart , SHIFT Urban Cargo Delivery , Save on Meats ,...

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Value propostion for working with social enterprises

Working with social enterprises can be extremely rewarding with benefits on multiple levels. For the last couple years I've been working with Tradeworks Custom Products , a social enterprise that trains women in carpentry living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Working with and representing them with my corporate clients, putting together corporate gifts and promotions, has led me to believe that value is generated in multiple ways. I recently sat down with Mary Sturgeon of Junxion...

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