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Since TwentyOSix, the Saul Good Gift Co. has specialized in creating gifts from the best local Vancouver products. Throughout this ongoing journey of discovering excellence, we have enjoyed listening to the stories of Vancouver’s top artisans. Several of these artisans have cultivated old world mastery through their studies in Europe. Although studying abroad may seem counter-intuitive in the local movement, the process of importing knowledge is sustainable. When knowledge and skills are taught and applied to local business, it is an amazing renewable resource.


Carly is one of Vancouver's local artisans who has steeped her skills in the heritage of European knowledge. In addition to studying French cuisine and patisserie training, she advanced her skills to a level that qualified her to become a teacher. After cultivating her ability to create magical "macaron moments". Carly returned to Vancouver and started creating Parisian macarons locally. One of Carly’s key strengths involves innovative recipes and unique natural ingredients. Her colours and flavours come from ingredients that are pure and whole.


We think that there is something artistic and poetic about gifts that are made from scratch by an artisan who refuses to compromise the purity of ingredients and we are grateful to have Carly's amazing macarons in our local holiday gift baskets.