Top 5 Easter Gift Ideas in Canada

Two hands from a chocolatier of Soul Chocolate holding a tray filled with caramels.

Photo credit - Soul Chocolate

From carrot cake shortbread to intricate hand-painted eggs filled with luscious caramel, there is something to satisfy every sweet tooth this Easter. These talented Canadian artisans have poured their passion and creativity into crafting these delectable treats that not only look beautiful but taste divine. Whether you are treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, these Easter delights are sure to bring joy and sweetness to your celebrations. So, this year, why not elevate your Easter gift game with these exquisite creations from Canada's finest?

La Rochelle - Toronto, Ontario

Karalee LaRochells is a 2005 Pastry Chef graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York. She has studied with Ecole Chocolat, Melissa Coppel and Kriss Harvey. Her culinary style is focused on craftsmanship and technique, memorable and enticing flavours, with a hint of playfulness and creativity. Karalee works with tenacity and creativity to continuously refine her skills and innovate recipes.

Chocolate quail eggs from La Rochelle in various colour with a box tied with a pink bow.

Two enchanting Easter treasures deserving of the spotlight this year are the Crunchy Peanut Butter Praline Egg and the Quail's Eggs.

Peanut butter praline chocolate eggs by LaRochelle.

Soul Chocolate - Toronto, Ontario

Soul Chocolate was founded in 2015 in Toronto to create the best-tasting chocolate while ensuring fair sourcing practices. They directly purchase cacao from farmers and currently work with transparent importers. Kyle and Katie's journey began with a passion for quality chocolate and has evolved to prioritize fairness and sustainability in their chocolate-making process.

Soul chocolate artisan making Easter chocolates.

This Easter, Soul Chocolate has an exciting selection. Behold the Vanilla Cream topped with a Salted Caramel 'yolk'. Explore the Chocolate Malt Nougat realms. Indulge in the Raspberry Marshmallow essence. And don't forget about the dark milk chocolate Easter rabbit, prepared to captivate your senses.

Provisions - Niagara, Ontario

Provisions Food Company aims to inspire and empower individuals to lead joyful lives through high-quality products. CEO Lori McDonald, an award-winning cookbook author, founded the company in 2012. The brand focuses on fostering positivity and meaningful connections, offering gourmet items celebrating local flavours. They strive to create lasting moments of happiness and positivity for customers through meticulous attention to detail and product innovation inspired by the beauty of the Niagara area.

The Provisions team has created unique offerings for Easter. Celebrate with a delightful Carrot Trio! Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or planning a festive feast, this collection has you covered. Indulge in the spirit of the season with our Carrot Cake Mix, Carrot Cake Marmalade, and Carrot Cake Shortbread. These gourmet treats invite a perfect blend of warm spice and buttery sweetness, essential for your Easter celebrations.

Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake Muffins

Cream Cheese Frosting

Jacek Chocolate - Sherwood Park, AB

JACEK’s founder aims to spread joy through fashionable chocolate, offering unique creations and staple favourites. The brand combines fashion and chocolate, striving to be different and sustainable. They envision a future where cacao farming brings prosperity. JACEK has received numerous awards for their exceptional chocolate products.

Prepare to dive into a realm of joy and sweetness as you discover the enchanting Easter delights with JACEK. Celebrate the holiday with their Easter collection of artisan chocolate boxes, eggs, and figurines – a perfect way to indulge in the festive spirit.

Colourful chocoalte eggs in a package with the label Jacek.

Chocolatas - Vancouver, BC

ChocolaTas, led by Master Chocolatier Wim Tas, creates exquisite chocolates with a perfect balance of flavour and texture. The dedicated team ensures attention to detail from production to packaging, delivering sophistication and a flavorful experience. Grateful for customers who include ChocolaTas in celebrations, their team takes pride in bringing joy through exceptional products.

Colourful chocolate eggs in a square black box.

The CocolaTas team offers a delightful array of Easter treats. Enjoy vibrant rainbow eggs and playful Easter bunnies. Indulge in chocolate lollipops, and solve a cocoa puzzle.

Chocolates with a cartoon bunny illustration and colourful round designs.

On top of the fantastic choices mentioned above, you can also dive into our treasure trove of Easter gift baskets.

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