All business is about relationships and gift giving is about nurturing just that. By giving gifts one not only say's 'thank you' but also tells a story about one's values and their relationship. Thoughtful meaningful gifts go a long way, letting your clients and employees know they mean more than dollar signs and cogs in the wheel. Good gifts say that you're listening, attentive, respectful and honouring, all things of value in relationships, business and otherwise.

  1. A good gift is a great investment. Last Christmas one of my clients sent a gift to a consultant that had sub contracted her some work over the last year. At the time the gift recipient just happened to be looking for some extra help to fulfill a contract. The gift she had sent had put her top of mind and got her the work. The $100 gift turned into a $10,000 contract, a 100X return on investment!

  2. Appreciation is one of the strongest ways to build your business. People make your business what it is and appreciation can make people feel good about their contribution if its done the right way. We've got some great tips on how to appreciate people, just ask and you shall receive. A thoughtful gift basket is a lot cheaper than a raise.

  3. A difference between good and great companies is healthy corporate culture. Gifts are an easy way to let people
    know what's important to you and your business. This works both internally and externally. Corporate gifts can tell a story about who you are as a company and why people work for you, do business with you and refer business your way.

  4. When friends and family ask your employees "how's work?" during the holidays you don't want them to answer "whatevs?!?". Even a small gesture of some delicious holiday cookies can raise moral.

  5. Taking care of the details shows that you're good business. If quality is part of what makes your business successful, tasteful holiday gifts that are enjoyed, are creative and respect our community and environment can tell a lot about your business. Not a fly by night opperation but here for the long haul. Who do you want to deal with?