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After the holiday season of 2011, Carly sent us a thank you gift, which consisted of her amazing chocolate ginger cookies. It was truthfully love at first bite. We were completely blown away, in fact Saul devoured a whole bag. This led to conversations and persistent inquiries about how we could feature her cookies in our Vancouver gift baskets. We knew that Carly's cookies would a perfect fit for our gifts and help us radiate happiness to all Saul Good Gift recipients.



Our persistent requests for more of these cookies was a challenge that went beyond the scope of Carly's focus on macaron production. She knew that she could handle the challenge, but she was concerned that branching out would compromise her devotion to creating excellent macarons.


Although Carly was hesitant, she eventually agreed to proceed with a batch after we committed to a significant order. We started out with an estimate of 1,000 cookies...and it ended up being 8,000 cookies by the end of the 2012 holiday season! Our clients could not get enough of these fresh hand-made delectables.



Carly has expressed appreciation regarding the collaborative nature of our working relationship. The feeling is mutual. Rather than simply selling us products, Carly receives feedback and guidance from Saul Brown, our “Chief Story Officer”. This helps us to grow and progress through collaboration.


Over the past six years, we are proud to have supported numerous local artisans and social enterprises in their pursuit to grow sustainable businesses. This process challenges us to constantly try new things and learn from our experience with local artisan products, new home owner gifts, chocolates and confections.




We love working with vendors like Carly and Kitchening & Co., because they are willing to take a calculated risk and work collaboratively to bring new artisan products to market. In the case of the chocolate ginger cookies, we were thrilled to hear that our work together helped provide a significant investment helping Carly take her business to the next level. We're excited to see what's next for Carly and her team.