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Cocolico helped me to love chocolate. Before I met Wendy Boys, my appreciation for the delicate nature of this wonderful substance was superficial. Her story is great. Her training in a Parisian culinary school built a strong foundation before working under Rob Feenie for 10 years in Vancouver’s well renown Lumiere restaurant as his head pastry chef. After making chocolates gifts one holiday season her family and friends convinced her to go out on her own and Cocolico was born. 


It’s not just about skills


It’s about heart. Passion is what people feel and Wendy exudes an appreciation of chocolate that you taste in Cocolico products. When we met this last summer and she came by our office to show us her product line Wendy described how I could make a fantastic dessert using her chocolate sauce for a picnic I was planning with for my girlfriend’s birthday that evening at 3rd Beach in Stanley Park. Simply layer fresh local berries, sponge cake, whip cream and Cocolico chocolate sauce. Top it off with some crumbled Cocolico dark chocolate covered sponge toffee and pack in a container. An easy peasy instant hit.



Aesthetics adds to the experience



cocolico_boxLike the presentation of a meal at fine dining establishment, Wendy understands that how food looks adds to the experience of enjoying her products. Well designed packaging goes a long way, not only in terms getting people to pick up product off the shelf and give it a try, but also in how it makes you feel when you pull in out of your cupboard or as you pop it into your mouth. Very well done!



Cocolico Top 3


1) Vanilla Salt Infused Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch



Boxes of 9 irresistible delicacies, it’s no surprise these little treats made the Vancouver Magazine top 100 things to try before you die list. Wendy imports the best vanilla beans from Madagascar and infuses them with sea salt used to top these bad boys.



2) Chocolate Raspberry Sauce


BC is berry country. Using locally sourced organic raspberries in her silky smooth chocolate sauce, Wendy knows quality and makes sure every taste is the best.



3) Dark Chocolate Sponge Toffee


Takes me back to the days of childhood eating those Crunchie ‘candy’ bars, before I knew any better. I’ve been upgraded. This stuff is the best. Crispy sponge toffee that melts on your tongue covered in high quality dark chocolate.