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Business is a challenging game. Besides having the ability to meet people's needs in a valuable way, it comes down to strategy, execution and timing. People come together to make things happen and luck is always a factor. After all, there are only so many things one can control. I can't think of any one person who is in business alone. It's all about relationships and it takes time to build them meaningfully. As we approach the 5th anniversary at Saul Good I realize this more than ever, looking back at how it started with me in my bedroom and has grown with the help of friends, contractors, employees, consultants, allies, clients, competitors, suppliers and community. It takes a village.

Working together is at the root of the mandate behind the Strathcona Business improvement Association (BIA). Given their focus in how we can individually and collectively work on social and environmental issues to improve our businesses and the community is one of the reasons why Strathcona makes a great home for Saul Good. Collaboration can be a powerful force in growing a business.

As part of the Green Zone initiative the Strathcona BIA produced a series of videos highlighting their members to tell the stories emerging from the area. I never thought that corporate gift baskets would be my dream but it's certainly become my passion. Business can be a powerful tool to create change and I'm glad to have found a place in the Strathcona community.