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At Saul Good Gift Co., we are spoiled by many opportunities to sample amazing local products in Vancouver and throughout BC. The complex process of selecting chocolates, toffee and confections requires thoughtful deliberation. When a product is featured in our gift baskets, it has been carefully selected as the absolute best in British Columbia. Cocolico products are delicious, locally made organic chocolates by Wendy Boys. They are a culmination of world-class chocolatier skills and a timeless award-winning passion. We originally met Wendy Boys last year and were impressed by her passion. When it comes to creating great gifts...it's not just about skills, it's about heart. Wendy exudes an appreciation of chocolate that you can taste in her products.



Like a true artisan, Wendy understands the importance of texture, subtle uniqueness and visual presentation. When Wendy made the switch over to using organic fair trade chocolate earlier this year, she sealed the deal on being one of our favourite suppliers for Saul Good chocolate gift baskets.  As avid Cocolico fans, we are ecstatic to be carrying some of her newest products! In addition to our vanilla salt caramels, dark chocolate sponge toffee and dark chocolate raspberry sauce, we have expanded our selection to include pretzel nut mix, classic butter salt caramels, organic milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars. All of these confections are easy to share and they are great compliments in many of our corporate gift baskets. The sweet & salty pretzel nut mix is my personal favourite. It consists of Wendy's own Cocolico Burnt Caramel drenched over an assortment of pretzels, brazil nuts, cashews and roasted almonds.



Michelle (one of the Saul Good team members) describes Cocolico caramels as "Heaven in your mouth". Wendy's new chocolate bars are phenomenal and are featured in many of our holiday gift baskets. It was hard work deciding which ones to select. (Ok. We admit it...Our jobs are pretty delicious at times). Our chocolate gift baskets are now featuring the organic milk chocolate bar with salted toffee and hazelnuts. The best way to describe it is a skor bar fed to you by an angel.







Our gourmet gift baskets also feature the organic dark chocolate bar with blueberries and almonds, the organic dark chocolate bar with apricot and the almond and violet chocolate bar. This new take on the classic fruit and nut bar provides a unique experience to share through our corporate gifts. It will most likely start some great conversations!