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We've got you covered! Many gluten free foods leave me disappointed, wanting something that actually tastes good. Wendel's TrueFoods have it sorted. Their chocolate chip cookies taste like they should. Diane Morrison has a great story. Wendel’s has been her family’s business for three generations. What started as a general store kitty corner to the train station in historic Fort Langley has become a bustling community hub with her café and bookstore.

Every kid deserves to eat cookies

When Diane’s mother first heard that some children couldn’t eat her cookies because of wheat intolerance or celiac disease she immediately came up with a recipe so all kids could enjoy. Wendel’s TrueFoods now makes a variety of gluten free baked goods meeting a growing need and demand for wheat free foods.

Besides gluten free options, we like Wendel's because:

1) Many organic ingredients, like organic flour from Anita’s Organic

2) Know your local. Long standing relationships with farmers for fresh seasonal ingredients, for berries and dairy for example.

3) How can I fit biscotti, tarts and seasonal fruit pies into point #3? They’re all good! We like them so much we feature them in our coffee gift baskets.

So when you're putting that plate of cookies out for santa this year, you might want to consider a gluten free option for good ol' Saint Nick.