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Corporations get a bad rap. I won't argue, there are corporations out there that maximize profit at any cost. Companies that constantly take for shareholder benefit without a broad understanding of the impact it has on people and the communities, in which it operates. This is not good business and doesn't have to be the status quo.

As you may know, "incorporated" is not inherently a dirty word. More and more companies are understanding this. Businesses are learning how to thrive while doing good. The landscape is changing.


There is a 1% that's doing some good.

Certified B Corporations are a refreshing international movement building momentum throughout the business world. There are over 650 companies than comprise less than 1% of the business community. These companies include some of the most progressive and influential businesses on the planet. For example: Patagonia, Method and Ben & Jerry’s have declared loud and clear that caring for people and the planet is good for business. This “care” is not a bunch of confusing eco-jargon or greenwashing, it is the real deal. It is the sound of Certified B Corporations walking their talk.
In order to become a Certified B Corporation, your business must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. The certification process eliminates confusion while increasing confidence in consumers.

It’s simple: People like good products that do good. When a company is a Certified B Corporation, you don’t have to spend time scrolling through labels, jargon, seals and itty bitty fine print.  Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment. When you become a B Corporation, the impact of your company in relation to these categories receives a public score, which adds transparency and legitimacy to the movement.

B Corporations in Vancouver

Vancouver is a leading hub for progressive business in Canada and home to a handful of Certified B Corps we’d like to highlight for their leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. We appreciate that they see opportunities in the challenges we face in Vancouver. These innovative businesses seek to collaborate with allied businesses, in order to make our city a better place to live and work.


Saul Good’s Vancouver B Corp Top Picks 

Salt Spring Coffee has shown how a small start up coffee roaster can influence an industry. I’m not a coffee snob, but I know what I like and what tastes good. In fact, I’ve built my business on it. Salt Spring Coffee makes great coffee. Their Metta Espresso has made a place in my life each and every day. On a community, operational and supply chain level, Salt Spring Coffee is leading the way while making exquisite gourmet coffee. Learn more...

Alterrus Systems (also known as Local Garden). A unique company that has developed revolutionary technology for local food production. By better using vertical space in greenhouse and hydroponic technology, their food systems grow more food and keep it close to home. Their first greenhouse is currently under construction on the rooftop of a downtown Vancouver parking garage and we’re excited to see how they progress! Learn more...

Mills Basics. Our local independent office supply company. In 2006, I got to know Brad Mills and his family business when I was part of an MBA team that helped Mills launch a line of green office supplies. It didn’t take long to realize that the value they created was a lot more than the pens and paper they provided to local businesses. Mills Basics is a landmark on the edge of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and has been committed to employ local area residents for decades (long before anyone was talking about corporate social responsibility). This company is a great example of good business being done by good people, who do good work. Learn more..

 Tyze. I recently heard this amazing woman named Donna Thomson speak about how she’s used her Tyze network to improve the efficiency of complex health care provided to her son. Tyze Personal Networks is a technology company rooted in social innovation. The tools they’ve developed help facilitate a private community that is centred around one person. This network can consist of neighbours, friends, families and care professionals. This is the type of social innovation that can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of care in the Canadian health care system and beyond. Learn more...

 The Saul Good Gift Co. receives a B Corp Award

Since 2006, the Saul Good Gift Co. has been putting a lot of love into our gifts. We are proud to have brought gift baskets into the 21st century. We are also proud to be one of the founding Canadian B Corporations. Initially, we used the B Assessment as a tool to improve our business and we continue to challenge ourselves to improve. Earlier this year, we re-certified as a B Corp and were thrilled to see our score raise from 88 to 116 ( an improvement of 32%). We were even more excited when we found out that we won the 2012 Race For The Top Award! This award acknowledges the most significant score improvement out of all re-certified B Corps!

The B Corporation movement is worth watching and talking about. You can also become apart of it and “be the change”!  With 650 certified B Corps in the World, the movement is growing strong. As of January 2012, there are B Corporations in over 50 industries, representing a diverse multi-billion dollar marketplace. From South America to Mongolia to Africa, the momentum is building!