About Saul Good

About Saul Good

Our story

In 2006, Saul Good Gift Co. was more than a bright idea - it was a belief that gifts could do a lot more than just say, "Thanks!" We thought, why not tell a story? Why not package it with values and a sprinkle of local charm? And so, Saul Good was born. Because, well... it's all good when it is handmade with love by our Canadian artisans.

Our purpose

Gifting is just the beginning for us. We're pioneers in crafting meaningful experiences. Our goal? To help folks and firms build genuine relationships. Because when you’re connected with those who matter, life is unmistakably Saul Good.

Our core values

Be local

Do you know what’s better than a local artisan product? A basket full of them! We’re on a mission to find Canada’s crème de la crème – and not just the sweet, syrupy ones. From Montréal to Vancouver, we have built a network of amazing small-batch makers, bakers, chocolatiers, and social enterprises. All these small businesses help us weave a tapestry of Canada's finest goods while boosting our local economy.

Handle with care

Imagine your grandma was a client or vendor. Yep, that's exactly how we treat everyone – with warmth, understanding, and a bit of old-school respect. We believe in doing the right thing, even when no one's watching. Especially when it's regarding what we've said we would do.

Embrace interdependence

At Saul Good, we champion the power of mutual support. Good relationships? They're a collaborative dance where both partners win. That’s why we align with genuine, committed and diverse partners. Together, we craft not just gifts, but experiences that resonate, fostering connections and radiating good vibes.

Curiosity is cool

Mistakes? We've made a few. But instead of brooding, we believe in learning. We're on an unending quest for knowledge. It's our way of ensuring every hiccup becomes a stepping stone. And if things aren’t up to par? Trust us to make them Saul Good, guaranteed.

Learn more about our impact?

Check out our impact report and what makes our gifts give back.Sustainability at Saul Good

Our impact

Local legends

By handpicking from the finest local artisans, we pour over 92,000 hours of living-wage employment into Canadian small businesses every year. Collaborating with these artisans not only enhances our offerings but creates a meaningful impact in the lives of ma's, pa's and the communities in which we operate.

Eco warriors

Paper cuts hurt, but cutting down paper feels worse. Our redesigned packaging slashes our paper use by 68%. And with 100% recycled cardboard, we're giving 478 trees per year a new lease on life.

B Corp certified

Being a founding Canadian B Corporation in 2010 wasn't just about the badge. It is a certification that captures our commitment to our planet, community, workers, and clients. We are proud to have been recognized internationally as “Best for the World” by B Corp. As a B Corp, we are devoted to continuously amplifying our impact every year.