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Mixed, Melted, and Poured in Fraser Valley, BC

Fraser Valley Gourmet knows that food is a powerful force that brings people together. We recently spoke with them to learn a little more about the team, as well as the joys and challenges of making candy for a living.

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5 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Proven to Build Business Relationships

Many people think of gifting as a one way transaction - a quick nod of appreciation to a team member or coworker. But as a company that’s been in the gifting game for over 12 years - we know there are so many ways to send a gift that do more than say “thanks.” If done correctly, gifting is a way to enhance relationships, build reputation, and forge new partnerships. To help those looking to get creative with a gifting program, we’ve put together 5 unique ways we’ve seen our clients give.

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Domenica Fiore Olive Oil Is 5 Million Years in the Making

Saul Good recently had the pleasure of touring behind the scenes at the Estate of Vancouver's own, Domenica Fiore in Orvieto, Italy. We stopped by the estate to discover how Cesare Bianchini, Direttore, makes legendary olive oil and why it has been winning awards across the globe year after year.

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Employee Appreciation 101: 5 Tips to Maximize the Impact of “Thank You.”

A recent study indicated that over half of all employees intended to search for new jobs because they felt under-appreciated. Yikes! It's time for good old fashioned gratitude make a comeback. To help, here are 5 ways you can start appreciating your coworkers today. (Trust us, it's worth it!)

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Meet the Artisan | Thomas Haas - Vancouver

Thomas Haas’ chocolates and pastries are world renowned and his list of accolades is impressive. Thomas and his wife, Lisa, are living their lifelong dream: to be creative, have fun, make people laugh and, of course, prepare the most delectable handcrafted chocolates and pastries imaginable. Even with their tremendous success they are always looking to improve and keep things fresh and innovative.

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